Hourly Rates Consulting

Knowing your Costs are Priority Number One to Setting your Sell Price
We Calculate your Costs so that you can sell your product with your expected profits
Your Costs can be a Machine, a Group of People or Overhead
Manufacturing Costs to produce a product need to be accurate so that when Work In Process is calculated it is accurate and reliable.
Your Financial Statements reflect your companies activity. Accurate costs reflect accurate profits.  Starting with your hourly rates for job costing is the basis of accurate of Work In Process and Cost of Goods Sold.
We gather your data and create a tool for you to manage your cost centers for many reasons:
1. What IF scenario's such as employee raises, increased occupancy costs, loans, depreciation, etc. The list goes on.
2. Tool can be updated annually to keep your costs accurate to provide a basis to maintaining the profitability expected
3. Keeping it current with regular updates keeps your cost centers at rates you trust and rely on.
We work directly with your accounting personnel in gathering your data
31 Years Experience in providing accurate Hourly Rates for companies nationwide
Affordable rates to meet your budget. Contact us to set up a free consultation to evaluate your needs.
Located in Old Forge PA
​​​​​​​Call 570.504.8314 Text 203.417.9363 E.Mail Paul.Accounting@Rushefski.com

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